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Crimp screens consist of twisted, crimped (waved) wires; the crimped wires are twisted crosswise which results in a high degree of stability. The number of crimps within a mesh width is determined by the mesh width and wire thickness. It is possible to produce gratings featuring the same mesh width and wire thickness yet with different numbers of crimps.


We are Austria’s specialists in crimp screens, welded screens and double-rod mats. Whatever type of grating you need, we probably have it in stock and if you need a custom-made product or larger quantities, we are able to offer it to you very quickly.


  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium
  • Further wire qualities upon request

Galvanised crimp screens are made of pre-galvanised wires. The zinc layer is approx. 7 µm.
Galvanised crimp screens are therefore only suitable for outdoor use to a certain extent.

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  • Meshes of 10 – 100 mm (attention: specification MW = inside diameter)
  • Formats: up to 2,000 x 4,000 mm (beyond that size: upon request)

Crimp screens by ProMetall

Our crimp screens are produced in mats (smaller meshing up to a wire diameter of approx. 2.5mm also available in coils). We work primarily with square meshes, but we can also supply rectangular meshes. Diagonally arranged meshes are a special shape that is mainly used for fences. The borders are open with wire overhangs. ProMetall crimp screens are used in basically every industry sector. We produce various combinations of mesh width, wire thickness and construction materials to meet different requirements.


  • Fences
  • Gates
  • Staircase and balcony panels
  • Protective gratings for machines, etc.

Standards and tolerances

  • Production in accordance with DIN 4192
  • Length/width: –0 mm/+1 mesh width
  • Fixed dimensions length/width: +/– 2 mm possible (upon request)


  • Find out about our extensive warehouse programme!
  • Custom-made products for small/medium quantities: within 1 week;
  • Larger quantities: approx. 2 – 3 weeks or by arrangement
Crimp screens
SquareDrahtgitter / Wellengitter - quadratisch - Vorschaubild 1Diagonal Drahtgitter / Wellengitter - quadratisch - Vorschaubild 2
Rectangular lyingDrahtgitter / Wellengitter - quadratisch - Vorschaubild 3Rectangular standingDrahtgitter / Wellengitter - quadratisch - Vorschaubild 4
with double rodDrahtgitter / Wellengitter - quadratisch - Vorschaubild 5diagonal, double meshDrahtgitter / Wellengitter - quadratisch - Vorschaubild 6

Rolling up crimped wires Crimp wires can be rolled up via the provided frame. The ideal frame diameter is 12 – 14 mm.

Notes on the number of crimps

Crimp screens with 5-fold crimping

Crimp screens with 3-fold crimping

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