Gratings / Mounting material

Gratings / Mounting

Gratings / Mounting material

Standard mounting (also available as safety mounting): Used to easily secure gratings against slipping and loss of adhesion. 

Twin support bracket: For various mesh width to connect two gratings. This prevents tripping hazards! 

Wrench lock, welded in: For simple locking and unlocking, e.g. emergency exits. At the same time, this lock prevents unauthorised removal of the gratings! 

Wrench lock: for subsequent installation 

Hook mounting for e.g. angle profiles Hook mountings are delivered in accordance with the required measurements. 

Hook mountings for gratings placed on vertical support with bottom flange (e.g. square tube) 

Safety chain: In various lengths to secure gratings used for e.g. cellar light shafts 

Hinges that are connected with e.g. an angular frame: for gratings with notch facility. Particularly used for emergency exits in combination with a wrench lock. 

Setting bolts with thread: It is driven into the supporting structure and leads to cold welding. The grating is mounted to the supporting structure by means of the specially developed attachment flange.  

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