Gratings / Heavy duty gratings

Press-locked gratings / heavy duty gratings made of steel ST37 / S235JR

Heavy duty gratings consist of cross bars, supporting bars and border framing. They are arranged at right angles to each other. The distinctive feature of this type of grating is its height and the thickness of the supporting bars. The dimensions of the supporting bars allow the grating to bear significantly higher loads than our regular gratings. The choice of supporting bar dimension best suited for your individual requirements depends on many distinct factors. Heavy duty gratings are produced with U-profile / flat steel edging and then hot-dip galvanised. ProMetall delivers heavy duty gratings in the design press-locked grating with supporting bar dimension 30×4 mm to 150×6 mm. Mesh width is individually coordinated according to your needs / the static requirements;

Press-locked gratings are well-suited for areas used for traffic. They can bear the individual loads required for the categories according to SLW and special loads in accordance with DIN EN 1991-1-1:2010- 12 + NA (old: DIN 1055) and DIN 1072 (12.85) . We recommend you instruct experienced statisticians familiar with the product to carry out the calculation.

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Bridge category*Tyre pressureLoad cube **
6010,000 daN200 x 600 mm
457,500 daN200 x 500 mm
305,000 daN200 x 400 mm
244,000 daN200 x 300 mm
165,000 daN200 x 400 mm
124,000 daN200 x 300 mm
93,000 daN200 x 260 mm
62,000 daN200 x 200 mm
31,000 daN200 x 200 mm

* bridge category=total weight of the vehicle.
** load cube=load charge area


If the road contains components that are particularly susceptible to local braking loads (e.g. parts of road crossings, gratings etc.), the standard vehicle’s wheel loads that are attributed to the individual parts must be multiplied by 1.4 as braking loads.


Forklift standard vehicles

Permissible total
Nominal load-bearing
Static axle load
(standard load) P
track width A
width B
width a
Evenly distributed
traffic load
(standard load)

The European standards EN 124 (covers for traffic areas, previously DIN-standard DIN 1229 in Germany) and EN 1433 (drainage channels) define, amongst other things, the load categories for shaft covers, drainage channels, road gullies and courtyard inlets.

Shaft covers and inlet gratings

A 1515 kN test force, corresponds to 1.5 tons load:
Group 1: Traffic areas that are exclusively used by pedestrians and
cyclists Also suitable for green areas.
B 125125 kN test force, corresponds to 12.5 tons load:
Group 2: Pavements, pedestrian zones and similar areas, passenger car parking lots.
C 250250 kN test force, corresponds to 25 tons load:
Group 3: Kerb interior, parking lots and unused side streets etc.
kerb slot channels are always in group 3.
D 400400 kN test force, corresponds to 40 tons load:
Group 4: Lanes on streets (and pedestrian streets), hard shoulders of streets and
parking lots that are permitted for all types of street vehicles.
E 600600 kN test force, corresponds to 60 tons load:
Group 5: Areas that are used for high wheel loads, e.g. industry and military institutions.
F 900900 kN test force, corresponds to 90 tons load:
Group 6: Areas that are used for particularly high wheel loads, e.g. aviation areas
and harbours.

Coverings of category C 250 and above must be installed in a way that is safe for traffic.

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