Patterned metal sheets



Patterned metal sheets, the classic for industry and architecture, are a beautiful, elegant and timeless solution for exclusive projects and projects subject to high loads. Their advantages are extreme durability, combined with high functionality and extremely low maintenance, cleaning and repair costs. Unlike smooth materials, patterned metal sheets display a particular light reflection which results in a high degree of visual evenness and makes the material perfect for representative applications in the field of architecture.

Advantages of patterned surfaces

  • Visual significance:the material offers a wide range of distinctive design structures conveying a visually sophisticated and modern image
  • Visual evenness: the special reflection of light results in a high degree of visual evenness
  • Robustness: The special cold rolling technique increases the metal sheets’ mechanic strength and makes them – unlike smooth metal sheets – resistant to denting and scratching. They do not get dirty easily and are difficult to mark or label. The perfect material to stem the increasing tide of vandalism.
  • Extremely durable: combined with a high degree of functionality and extremely low maintenance costs
  • Improves sliding: due to the low frictional resistance, patterned metal sheets speed up the production process, for many sectors such as food, paper and packaging industry, they are the perfect medium to transport goods and their packaging
  • Heat insulation and management: Leading manufacturers process patterned surfaces for heat insulation and management purposes.
  • Weight reduction:as a consequence of double-sided rolling, the resulting material features a significantly higher degree of torsional and flexural rigidity than smooth metal sheets, the material does not need to be as thick, and you can save weight and money
  • Light reflection: Patterned surfaces are a tremendous success in the lighting industry to improve reflection and prevent undesired light irritations.

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Patterned surfaces
the classic for industry & architecture Patterned surfaces undergo a double-sided cold rolling process in stainless steel and other metals, in sheet or strip form. Then the metal sheets are straightened.

Coloured surfaces stainless steel coloured, Colourtex
Whilst painted, powdered and other colour-treated metal surfaces usually appear flat, monotonous and lifeless, ColourTex® surfaces create unique colour and light effects.

Patterned & coloured surfaces
ColourTex® can be combined with the following surfaces: SPIEGEL (MIRROR) or Satin, GRANEX™, patterned, and other surfaces.

Blasted surfaces Granex
At ProMetall, the GRANEX™ surfaces are thoroughly blasted with various media of varying degrees of roughness, in sheet or strip form.



  • Stainless steel: 1,4016, 1,4301, 1,4401, 1,4404, 1,4571, other qualities upon request
  • Aluminium: Quality categories 1,000, 3,000, 5,000, other qualities upon request
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Black steel
  • Galvanised steel
  • Titanium
  • Other materials upon request


  • Stainless steel: 2B, 2R, glass bead blasted (see GRANEX™ surfaces), coloured (see ColourTex® surfaces), sanded, brushed and other special surfaces (see other surfaces)
  • Aluminium: Surfaces, satin-finished, brushed


  • 2,000 mm
  • 2,500 mm
  • 3,000 mm
  • Other lengths upon request.


  • 1,000 mm
  • 1,250 mm
  • Partially surface-dependent (see specifications sample).
  • Other widths upon request

*Please note max. rollable thickness and with, in particular, for pattern 7GM®.


Please see the respective products for standard production parameters. Production outside these parameters is possible in on a case-by-case basis and after consultation.
The pattern’s message and parameters may vary for different degrees of thickness (esp. above 1.5 mm) and batches.

  • Product sample: Material samples provided by ProMetall are for advertising purposes and cannot be used as control samples for deliveries. In the event this is a project or product-related wish of the customer, a prior agreement must be made with ProMetall.
  • Product images: The surfaces are not always depicted true to scale!
  • Advertising material and samples: Any consultation and background information is provided by ProMetall, its subsidiaries, agents and representatives, in brochures, catalogues, internet and other advertising material of any kind, after careful examination and to the best of their knowledge. We took particular care to ensure that the information provided is correct and in line with the respective latest information available. Any consultation or background information specified does, however, not constitute the subject of contractual agreements: it should not be considered a guarantee commitment for products and/or services, and it can and should not make assurances regarding product characteristics, such as suitability for certain applications. Any liability for incorrect information, in particular, typographical errors and errors of transcription, is excluded.
  • Protective film: Unless otherwise agreed, ProMetall products are protected by means of standard film. For further information regarding this film, we refer to the information and guarantees provided by the manufacturers which can be provided upon request. If you have specific requirements regarding the film, we recommend you contact the manufacturer directly and, if necessary, agree a type of film with ProMetall.

ColourTex® procedure: In the course of colouring stainless steel sheets ProMetall selects the required raw materials with great care. In the event of slight, specific deviations, minimal nuances regarding colour uniformity may occur. This is minimised by means of precise adjustment of patterns, production in accordance with quality standard ISO 9002 and alignment of the installation. If a larger quantity of coloured stainless steel surfaces is applied, we recommend producing colour and surface patterns first to define the ColourTex® product’s colour and appearance as clearly as possible.

 Any other questions? Please use our enquiry assistant or contact your personal contact.