Gratings / Safety gratings / perforated gratings

Safety gratings / perforated gratings


  • Highest degree of slip-resistance (R13)
  • Small hole diameter (9 or 14mm); (type 02: 9 or 5 mm; type 03: 14 or 8mm): small items cannot pass through the grating.
  • Good drainage of rainfall (holes with diameter 5 or 8 mm pushed downwards)
  • Safe to use for persons with fear of heights, as direct view to the floor is significantly reduced
  • High passive safety for operating staff
  • Cheap to lay (no need to screw in the individual panels)
  • Flexible production of special formats and in accordance with special load tables possible on short notice


Our safety gratings are the perfect covering for work platforms in the industrial sector and for pedestals with high architectonic demands. As a result of its unique surface structure (offset against one another, stamped, and pushed holes) the ProMetall safety grating allows for a multitude of applications. Industrial users benefit from the high, passive safety due to the high slip-resistance (R13) which significantly reduces the risk of work accidents. The balanced hole structure look takes centre stage and gives the pedestal surface a classic, technical elegance that sets it apart from traditional grating surfaces. This also makes the ProMetall safety grating interesting for private persons, as they can build affordable, simple pedestal constructions that do not look industrial. (Note: not suitable for use with dogs, due to risk of injury!)


ProMetall safety gratings (pedestals) are made of a series of perforated steel sheet panels, flanged in U-shape, whereby the panel width depends on the expected load in the supporting bar direction. The panels are combined to create the desired grating size and connected via welding seams. The placement of the welding seams ensures that the load force is also transferred to the neighbouring panels. This ensures that the ProMetall safety gratings are highly durable. The open-ended fronts (transverse to the direction of the supporting bars) are closed via a flat steel frame which also contributes to the safety grating’s stability.

Prometall safety steps

ProMetall safety steps type 02 are made of 2 mm hot-dip galvanised steel, entire surface slip-resistant in accordance with assessment group R13, with mounting brackets on the sides.
The standard step height is 45 mm (or 57 mm from a step length of 1100 mm and for all steps made of ALUMINIUM)

Prometall safety pedestals

ProMetall safety gratings type 02 are made of 2 mm steel sheet, hot-dip galvanised.
Panels are welded into grating plates with a slip-resistant surface in accordance with assessment group R13.
The standard grating height is 32 mm, with a frame made of flat material 30/3 mm.

Load specifications: DIN EN 14122
Surface load: 2KN/m²
Point load: 1.5 KN per 200/200 mm

ProMetall safety panels

ProMetall safety panels type 02 made of 2 mm steel sheet, raw-untreated
Surface perforation Ø 9 / Ø 5mm

ProMetall safety ladder rungs

ProMetall safety ladder rungs type 02 are the perfect step for ladder systems made of steel and stainless steel.
Due to their slip-resistant surface structure they meet the current UVV-requirements.
This is confirmed by the slip-resistance’s classification in assessment group R13.

The ProMetall safety rungs are stocked in standard lengths of 2000 mm and 3000 mm.
This allows us to furnish various ladder widths at short notice.
Custom-made products are made in accordance with the measurements provided by you, with or without opening for the round pipe, within 14 days.

Prometall swimming pool steps / swimming pool ladder rungs

ProMetall swimming pool steps and ladder rungs are made specially for barefoot areas in swimming pools and kinesitherapy areas.
The slip-resistant nozzle perforation ensures safe ascent from swimming pools, exercise pools and to diving platforms.

Material thickness 2 mm
Material no.: V2a-1.4301
Material no.: V4a-1.4404
Surface: raw – untreated
Steps: Closed at the ends, with boreholes for screws; rungs: 530x70x26 mm LxWxH (ends closed with boreholes for screws or ends with holes for pipe ⌀ 40 mm)
Surface is slip-resistant for area of application C in accordance with DIN 51097

Important note!
Steps with material no. V4a-1.4404 are the only steps suitable for use in swimming pools!
All materials listed here mustbe electrolytically polished in an acid bath and passivated after processing! Further treatment by means of manual sanding or with pickling paste is not sufficient!

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